55 Klub (My Ode To Ed & Napoleon) R​.​I​.​P.

by J-Finesse

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I am not much of a rapper, but I can put sentences together. LOL. At any rate, I put this song together after my friend, frat brother & brother passed last week all of a sudden. I felt that I had to get this out as a lot has been weighing on my mind. I miss my brothers dearly. I guess the underlying message from this song is (1) take care of yourself (health speaking) (2) if you love someone, tell them so as frequently as possible because you never know when that person will be gone.


Ad libs (intro)
Yeah, I'm gonna try and do this one without choking up.
Some of the hardest stuff that I had to write
I'm not even a rapper, so I will just come from the heart.

Verse 1
A child is born, and then he grows up
Evolution kicks in then life slows up
You know what, Ed would have been 38 years on this earth
And for him I dedicate this verse
Ed...unlike any other, a brother from another mother
You know that I am always thinking of ya
Determined to live, yeah you couldn't fail dog
I was taller than you, but they made you tail dog.
An inner strength, sickle cell couldn't be your crutch
My dude never winced, my tail took that heat bruh
Meticulous in dress, Ed wasn't no simp
Brought the baddest broad to Kasino Night (he was a pimp)
But reclusive behavior was his nature
And if he was hurting, my mans was a good faker
I guess he didn't want us to see him sick, but
deep inside THIS BROTHER is so sick

Chorus (2x)
I see the light
It's red and white
Let's raise these young men and teach 'em how to live right
I know y'all looking down from up high
Klub 55, still searching for my Phi Nu Pi.

Verse 2
Lord it's so hard, but he would never drop
2005, got introduced to another rock
The epitome of man, Nap was a true Nupe
A father to his kids, best friends to his wife (A MAN TRUE!)
A man of action, he didn't speak much
Information about hazing, he never leaked such
A hard dude with a nice attitude, but
when he was in that cut, he'd take more than you
To him, actions spoke louder than words
Chapter has an event, he'd be the first one to serve
on any committee, guide rights, food drives,
do all of that then go chill with Michelle and the three kiddies
Man you had your hand in everything
How did you do it? is the question I am wondering
The chapter got a void to fill now, and that's true
but there would never be another like you...NAPOLEON!!!!

Chorus (2x)

Verse 3
Napoleon and Ed, this song's for you
I had to take this time to show you both my gratitude
If it wasn't for y'all, there would be no me
We're Morehouse brothers, plus we are in the same fraternity
You see I grew up with no brothers, but then I found y'all
We fostered a brotherhood beyond those hallowed halls
So many fun times, I'm gonna miss ya
I'm just not ready for that box of tissue
But y'all would tell me to BE STRONG for we are not here to play, dream or drift, Defend the Rock and stay away from bull ish
So until we meet again, this in NOT goodbye
The ROCK has y'all back, tell Diggs we said hi.

Chorus (2x)

(ad libs)
Yeah, this one goes out to Napoleon and Ed
shouts out to Stone Mountain, the Rock I see ya

You all are definitely gonna be missed
But we've got your back
Forever your memory will live with us
We love you



released January 5, 1911
Written by: K. O'Rourke
Produced by: J-Finesse



all rights reserved


J-Finesse New Orleans, Louisiana

DJ/Producer/Vinyl Collector/Law School Graduate/Professional Taste Maker, J-Finesse was born in Newport News, Virginia and resides in Uptown New Orleans. He has been DJing since he was 12 and has rocked parties all across the country. He is currently working on remix projects for various artists. ... more

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